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Roof Lifts and Raised Roof Heights

When your loft height isn't sufficient for standard loft conversion, then you can still raise the roof with a Roof Lift by Milestone Lofts & Homes
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Roof Lift or Raised Roof

Thank you so much to the whole team, the change is unbelievable. We so nearly moved home, but the two extra bedrooms means we have more space for a lot less.

Planning Permission

All roof lifts in the UK require planning permission. This is because you’re raising the overall roof ridge height, therefore it is mandatory to gain permission.

Impact On Your Home

The impact is a lot less than you might think, as you can remain living in your home, and all existing ceilings remain in tact through the process.

Build Timescales

A roof lift can vary from 3-4 weeks for a DIY/shell only lift. A full roof lift loft conversion can take a little longer and on average takes 6-8 weeks to completion.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Roof Lift

In many respect the result is exactly the same, one major difference. A loft conversion using the existing roof and converts within that space. A roof lift however replaces most, if not all your existing roof, with a new solid timber frame. Once this change has been made, then this become a standard loft conversion there onwards.

No. The process Milestone Homes uses, means you do not need to move out during the process. All current ceilings remain in place, and your home remains water resistant during the whole process.

Yes, absolutely. This is a popular option for anyone with base building skills, or with friend or family in the trade. We can complete up o any stage you would like, leaving you only having to tackle the area your confident in.  For more information, drop us a quick message and we can discuss what options might be right for you.

This isn’t as straight forward to answer as you might think, but yes there is an extra cost. There a lot of variable such as size of the roof to be raised, and the shape of the existing roof. Please contact us to talk about the specifics of your roof lift project and we’ll happily help get you a free no obligation quote

Yes, as any time you make any alterations to your home which is higher than the highest part of the existing roof, you must request planning permission your local planing authority.

This will depend on the height of the original roof, the width of the property and the amount of space we are trying to create. A typical height increase is between 1 to 1.4 metres in height.